About  Us

Helpmyworld Publishing is the heart of all great authors who believe in self-publishing. We believe in full accountability for one's work, therefore, we help authors with passion and heart to materialize their ideas, stories and dreams.

Helpmyworld Publishing is under Helpmyworld Pty Ltd. Established in 2015, Helpmyworld Pty Ltd reg: 2015/345041/07 is led by a young and highly qualified professional who brings a diversified knowledge and expertise in web development and design, art, graphic design, publishing and office management to various fields.


We believe in creating solutions for creative writers.


We avail all resources to help the author see their books in the hands of the readers.

More About Us

Our focus is on Self-publishing, do not be misled by the words "Self-Publishing" and think that you will struggle to materialize your work and dream of becoming a great writer.

We are here for you and we will do all the brilliant hard work for you. Our resources will always be at your disposal.

What is Self Publishing?

Self-publishing is simply an author taking control of all their hardwork.

This is a great opportunity for authors because it gives authors complete control of how their material is produced and distributed. This allows authors to have peace of mind and work at their own pace.

As an author, you receive all profits from sales when you self-publish.

How we help?

We provide great professional services of editing, proofreading, design and layout, personal websites, printing, ISBN registration, marketing in all aspects and advise where needed. Author profile and branding, posters, business cards, book video trailers, advertising, and interviews will be done special requests.

As an author and our client you will have close communication with our editor/proofreader, designers and support team for the purpose of your satisfaction and to see that your book is tailored exactly how you imagined it.

We absolutely intend to provide authors with the best professional team that will work on their material from cover to cover. Ensure that the authors no longer dream of becoming but become. Authors needs are the first priority; therefore, we will give you the best services to meet those needs.

It is important that everyone gets a fair chance to tell their stories, share ideas and help others through their materials. We see great authors all around having full access to publishing services that will help authors achieve their dreams of becoming best authors/writers.

Both Helpmyworld Publishing and the author will work together towards a common goal of thriving and to see return in investment through out all the hard work.