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STACEY FRU BIO I am a Philanthropist, Child Activist, Inspirational Speaker and 12-year-old International Multiple Award-Winning Bestselling Author of Chapter Books. I wrote my 1st book, ‘Smelly Cats’ without my parents’ knowledge at the age of 7. This book was approved by the SA Department of Basic Education as suitable for young learners from Early Childhood through to Primary Schools.
My Awards and Recognition include; ‘Smelly Cats’ as the 2016 NDA ‘Best ECD Publication 2015: Special Mention Category’, ‘Young Leader 2016’ for my leading motivational and inspirational roles, and ‘Academic Achievements and Initiatives 2016’ for my writings at the East Wave Radio Nelson Mandela International Community Day Leadership Award. Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young Most Influential South African 2016, a Runner up at the Vita Basadi Awards in the “Young Dignitary Category for 2017,” and a finalist for the “Gauteng Premier’s Women of Excellence Awards 2018” in The Girl Child Category. I won in the Category of Skills Development and Education in the “Gauteng Premier’s 2nd Youth Excellence in Service Awards 2018;” In March 2019, I was the youngest of 14 youths from Arab and Africa that were awarded during the “Arab Africa Youth Platform 2019;” a World Youth Forum initiative and first of its kind hosted under the auspices of the President in Egypt, President Abdelfattah El-Sisi. My most recent award is “African Child Award for Creative Writing and Social Impact.” Pan African Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (PALEDEC) in partnership with International Human Rights Commission.
I am the youngest founding member of the Wits University Centre for Multilingual Education and Literacy in 2016. My 3rd book “Smelly Cats on Vacation” was launched on the same day as my education foundation - The Stacey Fru Foundation, through which I empower others. My 2 books; Tim's Answer and "Where Is Tammy
I write stories, essays, poems, speeches and attempts songs. I am a guitarist and a ballerina, a motivational speaker, storyteller, poet, TV talk show host, chairlady, and teacher.