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2020 Young Writer's workshop programme


Speakers of the Young Writers Programme Workshop at Kyalami Castle, 15 February.


The department of Education held its annual Young Writer's Workshop Programme at the Kyalami Castle in Johannesburg, on Saturday.

The purpose of the workshop was to educate upcoming writers about the processes involved in making a book and funds th...

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The Colour Box: A book about one the most stereotyped disorder in Africa



It is said that our children are a reflection of us, what we teach them is embedded in their minds for the longest of time.

Question is, can they differentiate what is right and what is not? As parents how can we teach our children not to be stereotypical?

For centuries people with albinism have...

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Life on Stilettos: Real stories of survivors of gender-based violence

Gender based violence has been making headlines throughout the year in South Africa with men and women vowing to help survivors of gender based violence.

A young woman from the dusty streets of Hammanskraal, Stinkwater in Pretoria Hope Rasekhula wrote a book that has real life stories of survivors of gender based viole...

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