Special Promotion


We understand that not everyone has liquid cash ready to pay for all the needed works to get their books published. This endless special deal is designed for people who cannot afford or who are struggling to afford all the publishing costs.

We offer very low monthly premiums - most affordable to contribute to the overall publishing project

Premium rates never increase!

Cover ALL publishing costs!


Thanks to our growing community and the partnerships we nurture, we’re able to offer you multiple membership choices so you can choose what works best with your lifestyle and budget.

At all levels, you can enjoy access to unique publishing experiences and take advantage of Helpmyworld Publishing exclusive prices.



*All manuscripts are subject to assessment to qualify for the below packages*

* These packages are not designed for manuscripts under the following categories*

  - Poetry
  - Short stories

*If your manuscript falls under the above-mentioned categories. Be prepared to bear all the publication costs.*

It Gets Better and Better!

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